アート作品写真抗えヌ「重ナリ」、それヲ以ッテぞ虚ケたる。その二 アート作品写真抗えヌ「重ナリ」、それヲ以ッテぞ虚ケたる。その三

Outer layer of stratified epithelium

To re-verify neglected traditional techniques.
That is to grope the new conception of molding by handwork with doubting and analyzing the actual situation as if it were truth. The actual situation is a modernism molding, machine Industry, and mass consumer society.
I reconsider it with frame of re-verified traditional techniques, and search for common ground of them.

It is modeling of handwork by generation principle of the natural world, the method infinite stack of small force to generate a form that i find.

Trees grows up with their inner cells die and new cells arise over it. Form of bark is a result of growth structure of individual cells.

River water flowing from the mountains flows avoiding obstacles such as pebbles. When avoiding obstacles, momentum of the water on the outside of the curve is strong, and therefore there is margin of momentum between inside of the water and outside of it. This a little margin a pebble causes get bigger being layered on it with time. It causes meandering shape of river, in some cases it reaches several tens of km.

I see through generation principle of the natural world in shape transition by raising which is metalworking technique with thousand of hammering.

This work is result from applying generation principle of the natural world to metal sheet for industrial use.

Outer layer of stratified epithelium
1950 × 400 × 400 , 2460 × 480 × 480  (mm)
copper sheet
Artist Collection,Artist Collection